WA Couple Profile Photo

WA Couple Profile Photo – Whatsapp is one of the most widely used online chat applications by all people, especially in Indonesia. Many people use this application because the features in WhatsApp only focus on chat .

Actually there are many applications that offer chat services on the features they present but do not specialize in it. Usually the application how to use this application is also very easy so all ages can use this application without difficulty.

Everyone who has an Android or IOS cellphone will definitely download and use this application to interact with each other. There are many features that we can use in the WhatsApp application, for example creating a status, creating a group, etc.

When creating WhatsApp, people usually choose the photo they will use to be installed as a profile photo on WhatsApp. This profile photo can be used as a personal identity so that people who save your number can easily recognize you.

Profile photos don’t have to be your own face, but you can also use any photo or image that you find interesting. This article will provide recommendations for unique profile photos that you can use alone or with your friends and partners.

Recommended WA Couple Profile Photos

When we first use the WhatsApp application, we will usually be directed to install a profile photo that we think is good. In choosing a suitable photo to be used as a WA profile, of course you will choose the best photo that you think fits.

The photo used for the profile does not have to be a photo of yourself because many people also use other images such as landscapes, pets, and others. At this time there is a trend of posting a WA couple profile photo with a partner or friend.

What is the WA couple’s profile photo? The couple’s profile photo is an image or portrait of 2 people who are in one frame but edited in half and then used by two people who have a special relationship to be used as a whatsapp profile.

Many young couples choose to use a couple profile to make it look harmonious and as a sign that they are a romantic couple. At first this trend was only followed by those who have a lover but over time those who have friends also enliven this trend.

Because not everyone has a lover who can be invited to post a WA couple profile photo together, there’s nothing wrong with inviting friends. There are many images that are used as couple photos for their profiles from human photos to couple cartoons.

Maybe you are still looking for which photos are good and suitable to be used as a couple profile with a partner or friend. Don’t worry because we will provide good photos for you to make as a couple profile so that you look harmonious.

Here is a recommendation for a WA couple profile photo that you can use as a reference in using a paired WA profile.

Separate WA Couple Profile Photo

Here is a separate couple profile photo that you can use with your partner so that your profile looks very harmonious.

Couple Pulling Scarf

cou 4-Photo Profile WA Couple
coup 4-Foto WA Couple profile

Foto Couple Calling

cou 5-Photo Profile WA Couple
coup 5- Photo Profile WA Couple

Profil Couple Little Kids

cou 6 - Photo Profile WA Couple
coup 6

Photo Couple Din-Din

cou 7
coup 7

Profil WA Couple Gemes

cou 8- Photo Profile WA Couple
coup 8

Couple One Frame Profile Photo Collection

Not only separate couple photos that we will recommend to you but also single frame couple photos you can also make as a paired profile. The photos that we will provide are certainly no less funny and unique than the photos above.

Here are couple photos that you must try to become a WA profile with your partner.

  1. Profil Couple Cute
cpl 1

2. Foto Couple Aesthetic

cpl 2

3. Spouse Profile

cpl 3 - Foto Profil WA Couple

4. Couple Profile Gemes

cpl 4

5. Romantic Couple Photos

cpl 5

How to Use WA Couple Profile Photo

  • First open your WhatsApp application.
PP WA Kosong
  • Then select the three dots in the upper right corner.
PP WA Kosong
  • Then click settings reading.
Blank Whatsapp Profile Photo
  • Click the profile section.
Blank Whatsapp Profile Photo
  • Then click on the camera section and select the gallery option.
Blank Whatsapp Profile Photo
  • Please select which couple photo you want to make as a profile.
  • Done, you have changed your profile photo.
  • Do the same for each other.


That’s an example of a couple photo that you can use as a partner’s WA profile and is certainly unique and rarely used by other couples. For those of you who want to use a paired profile, all the photos listed above can be used for free.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who need information about couple photos that can be used as profiles with your partner. See also articles about other things such as tutorials, recommendations, and other useful information here.