Recommended Bullying Anime

Anime Bullying Recommendations – For those of you who love Japanese things, you must be familiar with anime, right? One of the animated films from the country of Sakura has stolen the attention of many people.

This is because the quality of the pictures and the storyline are pleasing to the eyes of anyone who watches. Coupled with unpredictable conflicts.

The number of fans of this animated film makes production houses vying to issue anime with the best quality.

In addition, the many types of genres used in anime make many people, ranging from small children to adults, can watch it.

About Anime You Need to Know

I. Recommended Bullying Anime.

The word anime itself began to be used in the 1970s, but Japanese animation has been around since 1917. Starting from the animated film by Oten Shimokawa.

This animation has the title Mukuzo Genkanban No Maki which means the Story of an Officer Mukuzo Imokawa. Well from that moment anime began to be known and attracted the attention of many people.

From then until now more and more conflicts are created in anime. Make the best anime movie of all time.

One of the most sought after is anime that has a bullying conflict in it. And for those of you who don’t know anything about anime that contains bullying conflicts.

Keep on following this article and you will get recommendations for Bullying Anime, which is definitely fun and emotionally draining for those of you who watch it.

For those of you who can’t wait to find out what Anime Bullying Recommendations are, see the discussion below:

Recommended Bullying Anime That You Must Watch

1. Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari

II. Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari.
  • Release date : 09 January 2019
  • Genre: Fantasi, Isekai
  • Duration :-
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 8/10

Thought he would be a hero in another world, but in fact when he got there one of the heroes always experienced humiliation, intimidation and even slander by all citizens.

That’s because Naofumi Iwatani is considered weak because he carries a shield, that’s the scene that occurs in the story of Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari. Another animation entitled “The Rising the Shield Hero”.

First released in early 2019 until the end of June 2019, it became one of the most popular among Japanese animation lovers.

The story in this animated film begins with an old story about 4 world heroes who each wear a spear, sword, shield and bow.

The four of them have a mission to defend the world from trouble and to maintain the balance of the world. In the story there is a fantasy world where the Melromarc Men-Summon Kingdom summons heroes from modern-day Japan.

2. 3D Kanojo Real Girl

III. 3D Kanojo Real Girl.
  • Release date : 09 January 2019
  • Genre : Romance, Shoujo, School, Slice of Life
  • Duration :-
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 7.5/10

Although the bullying element of this anime is only the beginning and only occasionally, but still makes an impression for anyone who watches this anime.

This animation will also focus more on the love story of an Otaku figure with a famous girl at his school. This Kanojo Real Girl 3D animation has 2 series and with Live Action too.

This anime tells about a hard-line Otaku figure named Tsutsui Hikari, he is a figure who is difficult to get along with so Hikari is shunned by his classmates.

Once upon a time, due to an incident being late for school, Hikari met a beautiful and well-known girl at school, Igarashi Iroha. This unexpected meeting will add to the story of Hikari’s life.

3. A Silent Voice

IV. A Silent Voice.
  • Release date : 03 May 2017
  • Genre : Drama, Family, Romanc, Certificate
  • Duration : 2 Hours 10 Minutes
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 9/10

Koe No Katachi or A Silent Voice, is one of the Japanese animated films released in 2016. One of the anime that will bring tears to your eyes because the anime A Silent Voice carries a sad theme.

Namely tells the story of a school student named Shouya Ishida who has bad behavior. And one day when he was bored, he suddenly thought of making a prank idea.

By bullying a new student who has just transferred to his class named Shouko Nishimiya. Shouko herself turns out to have limitations in terms of hearing.

This one thing also makes Shouya even more happy to bully Shouko. And when Shouko felt that she could no longer face Shouya’s behavior, she finally chose to change schools.

After that incident, the story continues in high school where Shouya turns out to feel sorry for Shouko. And subconsciously met Shouko again, from here Shouya was determined to correct his mistakes.

4. Accel World

V. Accel World.
  • Release date: September 23, 2014
  • Genre : Action, romance, science fiction
  • Duration : 1 Hour 22 Minutes
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 8.1/10

Having a fat look and being considered like a pig with a short body makes the main character in this animated film named Haruyuki the target of bullying by his seniors and friends at school.

However, all of that changed since Haruyuki met Kuroyukihime. And this is where the story of Accel World, which was originally sad, turned into a successful romance anime, which made fans jealous.

And for you guys, what’s the full story of Accel Word, just watch the animated film.

5.  Magical Girl Site

VI. Magical Girl Site.
  • Release date: 06 April 2016 – 22 June 2016
  • Genre :  Dark fantasy, ‎Magical girl‎, ‎Supernatural‎
  • Duration : 24 Minutes/Episode
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 7.8/10

Magical Girl Site or in Japanese known as Mahou Shoujo Site according to the title of this article, the main character of Magical Girl Site is bullied by her school friends.

Even the most sad thing is when the main character of this animation is often treated badly by his own brother. Maybe you will not be strong if you are in the same position.

This animation tells the story of a child named Aya Asagiri who always has thoughts of suicide. Apart from being bullied at school, at home his older brother named Kaname physically abused him as an outlet due to academic pressure from their father.

6. ViVid Strike

VII. ViVid Strike.
  • Release date : October 27, 2016
  • Genre : Adventure, Magical Girl, Action
  • Duration : 24 Minutes/Episode
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 8.2/10

The next bullying scene anime, ViVid Strike, is actually an Action Magic genre. However, at the beginning of the story there is bullying.

This scan involves the main character, Berlinneta Rinne, who is mistreated at her school. Rinne was insulted by her friends for being able to attend an elite school.

With his status as an adopted child from a wealthy family. And Rinne always kept quiet when being bullied because she wanted to protect the good name of her adoptive family.

However, because patience also has a limit, when Rinne was bullied when she came home from school, she replied impatiently and finally Rinne decided to take martial arts classes so she wouldn’t be bullied again.

7. Another

VIII. Another.
  • Release date : January 10, 2012 – March 27, 2012
  • Genre : Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller, School
  • Duration : 24 Minutes/Episode
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 8.4/10

Koichi Sakakibara decided to move to Yomiyama Junior High School and he entered the 3-3 class. Koichi didn’t know that in class 3-3 there had been a terrible curse since 1972,

Where the students of that class will be overshadowed by a tragic death. For example, there are students who die from being stabbed by an umbrella or die from broken glass.

The curse began 26 years ago when a beautiful, famous and smart student named Mei Misaki died suddenly. But one said that Mei Misaki was still here with them.

The school, who heard the news, thought that Misaki was still alive to the point that the school still provided a bench for her.

8. Boku No Hero Academia

IX. Boku No Hero Academia.
  • Release date : August 23, 2018
  • Genre : Super Hero, Action, Adventure, Comedy-Drama, Science Fantasy, School Life
  • Duration : 1 Hour 44 Minutes
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 8.7/10

At number 8 this may be one of the Japanese films about bullying, the anime Boku No Hero Academia was once so famous among anime fans.

The story of this anime tells of a man named Izuku Midoriya. Izuku often gets insults and bullying from his friends because he doesn’t have Quirks (super powers).

Because of this, in the end Izuku Midoriya continued to train the strength that was within him to become From Zero to Hero.

9. Masamune-Kun No Revenge

X. Masamune-Kun No Revenge.
  • Release date : January 5, 2017 – March 23, 2017
  • Genre : Harem, Comedy, Romance
  • Duration : 24 Minutes/Episode
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 8.5/10

After hard work, Makabe Masamune finally managed to shape his body which was initially bulging into a sixpack. And now Makabe Masamune is preparing to take revenge on the girl who rejected his love.

With his current appearance Makabe entered the same high school as the girl. The girl’s name is Adagaki Aki.

And no one thought because thanks to his new appearance, Makabe had even become popular at his school. Will Makabe’s revenge plan come true?

10. Oniisama e…

XI. Oniisama e
  • Release date: July 14, 1991
  • Genre : Drama, ‎Slice Of Life
  • Duration :-
  • Japanese language
  • Rating : 7.5/10

When 16-year-old Nanako Misonoo enters the elite and prestigious Seiran Academy for girls. He believes a bright future awaits him.

Instead, the girl finds herself caught in everyone’s web of deceit, sadness, and envy. Not only that, when he was chosen as Sorority’s newest candidate.

Sorority is an elite group whose members are successful in making the whole school envious. As Nanako doesn’t have the wealth, grace, or talent like the other members, she angers her envious classmates, especially Aya Misaki.

To get through her difficult school days, Nanako recounts her days through a letter addressed to her former teacher, Takehiko Henmi.

Takehiko who Nanako affectionately calls by the nickname “onii-sama” or big brother. He also found comfort with his four closest friends.

Namely, his childhood friends Tomoko Arikura, Mariko Shinobu, the troubled musician Rei Asaka, and the tomboy Kaoru Orihara. A life drama about oppression, Oniisama e… tells the harsh life of a young girl at her new school.


So that’s the Anime Bullying Recommendation that might help you anime lovers in determining what kind of spectacle you should watch.