PP WA Blank

PP WA Blank – Whatsapp is an online chat application that is often and most widely used throughout the world. This is due to the ease of use of this application and the guaranteed privacy of the user.

In whatsapp itself many features that can be harnessed and used by the user to support the use whatsapp.

Starting from we can create statuses, then delete messages, voice notes to the most common and often we see for fellow Whatsapp users, namely profile photos .

The use of a photo profile or often called PP is an important thing, to show ourselves. But lately the use of PP WA Blank has become one of the trends for whatsapp users .

This is caused by creators who make or edit WA profiles to be unique and funny. So many people use this trend to make their profiles look cool.

But before going into further discussion on how to make the WA Photo Profile look empty, let’s take a quick look at what exactly is the meaning behind the following blank profile photo .

Meaning of Empty Profile Photo

According to some people’s opinions, a photo profile or PP that is intentionally installed blank means that the user is having problems.

By making his Photo Profile blank, it indicates that he doesn’t want to be disturbed or doesn’t want to be too responsive to someone.

However, this is the opinion of only a few people, in my personal opinion the use of an empty PP WA depends and is according to the wishes of the user, and has no special meaning.

Well below Lancao will help those of you who don’t know how to clear your profile photo . And here are the steps to make your profile photo blank.

How to Make a Blank PP WA

The most basic step to make our profile photo blank is to delete our previous profile photo . And here are the steps to delete PP WA so that it becomes empty.

1. First “login” into your whatsapp application.

PP WA Kosong

2. After entering the whatsapp display, then “go to settings” by clicking “three dots” in the upper right corner.

PP WA Kosong

3. Then you select “menu settings” .

Blank Whatsapp Profile Photo

4. After that click on your old “Photo Profile” .

Blank Whatsapp Profile Photo

5. Next, click the “camera icon” and select the “delete photo” menu .

Blank Whatsapp Profile Photo

6. Done, and your PP WA already looks empty.

Blank Whatsapp Profile Photo

Please follow the steps above so that you can delete your profile photo and make your PP WA look empty.

In addition to how to delete the profile photo above, here we provide a collection of cool WA profile photos that will make your WhatsApp appearance more unique.

Cool Blank PP WA Group

For those of you who want a new feel in using the WhatsApp application, you can use some of the profile photos below to make your WhatsApp look cooler.

1. PP WA Sunset

PP WA Cool Group

2. PP WA Cracked

PP WA Crack

3. PP WA Sadboy

PP WA Sadboy

4. PP WA Senpai

Cool Whatsapp PP Group

5. PP WA Love

Cool Whatsapp PP Group

6. PP WA Galaksi

Cool Whatsapp PP Group

7. PP WA For Women

Whatsapp Profile Photo For Girls

8. PP WA Cute

Photo Profile WA Funny

9. PP WA Birds

Photo Profile WA Funny

10. PP Wa Angel

Cool Whatsapp PP

11. PP WA Aesthetic

Photo Profile Whatsapp Aesthetic


That’s our discussion this time about whatsapp profile photos , hopefully for those of you who don’t know how to change PP WA to blank, the steps above can help.

And for those of you who feel bored with a profile that is just that, some of the examples above can be used for free.