Kode Redeem Angel Squad

Redeem code Angel Squad – Angel Squad itself is a new game that was launched on June 9, 2021 at 12:00 WIB. And you can get this one game through the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Lytogame launched this Angel Squad mobile game with the Shooter-RPG genre and uses an anime style on the character artwork .

The uniqueness of this game is that players will be challenged to make strategies and determine formations in battle.

Furthermore, the Angel Squad Mobile game is one of the shooter games that is claimed to be worthy of being played in mid-2021 in Indonesia.

In the game, the players of this game will find the figure of a pink-haired girl, who is the leader of the Argent Wing.

This girl is armed with a long-barreled rifle (Assault Rifle) M16A4, and she is not alone but with other beautiful girls who use long range weapons (Sniper) TAC-50, and girls who use handguns (Pistol) CZ75.

In addition, each Angel will be given a code name according to the weapon they use. Later they will fight aliens, mutants, and robots with an exciting storyline.

Each weapon has its own expertise, there are five classes of weapons, namely Assault Rifle, Sniper, SMG, Shotgun, and Pistol.

It doesn’t stop there, but players can also invite Angels on a date. And users also have to design an artistic dormitory or dorm room for Angels.

Now the most awaited, as with other mobile games, Angel Squad also has a redeem code. Where you can use this redeem code to get various prizes.

And in the following, lancao will explain and share with you the newest 2021 angel squad redeem code.

Latest Angel Squad Redeem Code

Just like other mobile games such as ML and FF, Angel Squad Mobile also has a redeem code. For you online game lovers, of course, you are already familiar with the redeem code or redeem code.

This is because of the redeem code function itself, the Angel Squad redeem code is a code that you can use to get gifts or prizes in the game.

Now this is the reason that makes gamers look for redeem codes for this new game. For those of you who are curious, the code “zjh246a3” is the redeem code issued by Lytogame.

And here are the gifts and ways available on the latest Angel Squad Redeem Code that we will explain.

Gift Kode Redeem Angel Squad

If you have been using a redeem code for the game Angel Squad, then you can get a gift or a prize draw for free.

From the redeem code “zjh246a3” you will be able to get 4 Combat EXP Manuals, 3 Combat Balance Capsules, 500 Gold and 500 Food and 5 Tech Boxes.

And in the EXP Manual that you have got, later you can also use it to give an additional EXP to the Angels.

In addition to getting EXP contained in the Tech Box, you can also get some other interesting weapons in the Angel Squad game.

Now, it’s very interesting, it’s not a gift , and for those who are curious about how to use the redeem code to get attractive prizes, see the following review.

How to use the Redeem Code in the Angel Squad Game

By following the steps or how to enter the following redeem code , you can definitely claim attractive prizes in the Angel Squad Mobile game.

  • First “enter” into the Angel Squad Mobile Game that you downloaded earlier.
  • After that, please  “login” , by clicking on the “Main Menu” section .
  • After logging in, click the “avatar redeem” menu . 
  • Then type the “redeem code”  that has been provided, namely  “zjh246a3” .
  • If the redeem code is correct, click “Next” , then you just have to check the addition of  items  that occurred.


So that’s our discussion this time about the redeem code on the newest mobile game Angel Squad.

For those of you who are curious and confused about how to use the redeem code, I hope the above discussion can help you all.

To find out other technological information, keep updating the latest information on our website , thank you so much and see you in the next article.