IG Glow Up Filter

IG Glow Up Filter – Today there are many ways to make your face look beautiful without the hassle of dressing up. There are many applications that provide filters to make your face glow in an instant. One of these applications that is widely used by children today is the Instagram filter.

Having a beautiful, clean, white, and glowing face and skin is certainly the dream of all women, especially young children today. They want to appear and look beautiful in front of other people and in social media life.

But the filters on Instagram can not only be used by women but men also use them. Not wanting to lose to women, men also want to look handsome, clean, and masculine in social media life.

For those of you who are still looking for what filters can make your face glow up instantly without the hassle of dressing up. We will provide recommendations for male and female IG filter names that will make your face become handsome and beautiful instantly.

Check out the discussion in this article to find out a more complete explanation.

IG Glow Up Filter Name Group

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media by people, both in Indonesia and throughout the world. More than 1 billion people have downloaded and used this application, ranging from adults, teenagers, to children.

There are many features that are easy to access in this application, besides that there is also a lot of information that can be obtained from playing Instagram social media. One of the most liked and frequently used features is the filter to create stories.

Initially only Instagram could create and provide filters or effects, then after updating the version, IG users could create an IG filter. Many people make filters in such a way but the most popular are filters that give an instant glow up effect .

What are some good IG filters to give a bright face effect and make your face look like you’re wearing make-up ?

Here are filters on Instagram that you can use to make instastory photos or videos look much more beautiful or handsome.

Santuy IG Filter From __OCTRN

When using this filter, the face immediately looks brighter and does not look pale because there is a lipstick effect that makes the lips pink .

This effect is really suitable for those of you who want to be lazy to make up but still want to look naturally beautiful when making stories .

Filter IG Freshly Warm Dari Amandastatic_

If this one filter when used will give a blush effect on the cheeks and make the lips not look pale. If you use this effect, you will look like you are wearing natural makeup and not excessive.

So, this effect is really suitable for you to add to the filter collection on your Instagram.

IG Stunning Filter From Farrajaidii

For those of you who want to have an instant glowing face , this effect is suitable to be a choice of effects that you must use. This effect gives the impression of a glowing face and blush that makes the cheeks blush pink.

Not only that, this effect also makes the color of the eyeball more brown like wearing softlens but still looks natural.

Filter IG Glowww From Tiiffanylarossa

When you use this IG glowww filter, your face will instantly glow up and look bright red. This filter is very suitable for use if you are in a bright room and exposed to sunlight.

So, this filter is really suitable for you to use so that your Instagram stories become more beautiful and of course they still look natural.

Ren_Crespy IG filter from Ren_dodoku

This effect gives the impression of a natural white face and is invisible if you only use the effect. This filter is suitable for both men and women who want to look bright without makeup .

IG Heartu Filter From Aldooolim

In addition to giving a glow up effect on the face when using this filter, there will also be a love shape decoration that appears around the forehead. The decoration makes the person who uses this effect even more beautiful and funny.

This filter is really suitable for you to add as an effect that must be used when you want to create stories .

How To Get Filters On Instagram

Steps to get filters that are in the Instagram app.

  • First “open the Instagram application” on your cellphone.
  • Then, “click the search icon” .
  • Write the IG “username” of the user who created the filter using all lowercase letters. For example username from amandastatic_ .
tutorial 1 -Filter IG Glow Up
  • After the IG name appears, “click” on the account.
tutorial 2 -Filter IG Glow Up
  • Then “click the icon in the form of a smile emoji or three stars” on the searched Instagram view.
  • Find the filter you want to use and then click on it.
tutorial 3
  • To save it, “click the arrow at the bottom” .
tutorial 4
  • Done, the filter has entered the collection of effects on your Instagram and can be used immediately.


That’s all the discussion in this article is about Instagram filters that can make your face glow instantly without much effort. The effects on Instagram are indeed in great demand by all users, both male and female.

Hopefully this article helps those of you who are still confused about what filters are suitable for use in creating stories . See also other articles related to filter recommendations or tutorials on how to use these effects in Lancao.