IG Blur Aesthetic Filter

IG Blur Aesthetic Filter – Instagram social media users are certainly no stranger to one of the interesting features presented by Instagram.

The feature in question is an effect or filter that can be used when we take pictures via Instagram. And there are so many cool Instagram filters available that make our photos more interesting.

Moreover, nowadays there are lots of creative creators who make lots of variations of filters so that it makes us even more happy to use them,

One of the most popular is the IG Blur Aesthetic Filter, with this filter our photos will look cool and of course will look aesthetic so that it increases the user’s confidence.

Well on this occasion Lancao will help all of you who are confused about getting this cool IG filter.

But before you know how to get the aesthetic blur effect on Instagram, let’s look at the discussion about what the aesthetic blur ig filter is, below.

What is the IG Blur Aesthetic Effect?

As the name implies, the blur effect, this effect will give a blurry appearance to every photo or video captured.

Lots of people want to try this one filter because it looks very aesthetic. So how interesting is it if you have this filter?

And if you are curious to try this IG filter, you can search for it through the filter search on Instagram. But of course you have to know the name of the filter and the filter maker first.

And below, we will provide some references regarding the names of the aesthetic blur instagram filters.

Nama Filter Instagram Blur Aesthetic

Now to try using this unique Instagram filter, of course, you have to know who the maker and name of the blur filter is.

But don’t worry, we will help you with some reference to the filter name and the owner of the filter account, for those of you who are curious, see the following discussion.

  • “Motion Blur” from the account @valeriesuriato
  • ” Blur  from the account @sidiktristan
  • “blur” from account @kazoxj
  • “black&white&blur” dari akun @hugodealfredo
  • “BLUR” from the account @vicuagustina
  • “Soft Blur” from the account @gustavorocha
  • “ASA BLUR” from @arsamu . account
  • “Gaussian Blur” from the account @gezsang
  • “Disposable Blur” from @wafinwr . account
  • “aesthetic blur” from account @_blue_kingdom

So, those are some IG filter names that are guaranteed to make your photos cooler and more interesting. And don’t worry, below we will explain how to get the filters above.

How to get the IG Blur Aesthetic Filter

  • The first step is of course, “open” your Instagram application.
Filter IG Blur Aesthetic
  • Second, namely “login” using your IG account.
Filter IG Blur Aesthetic
  • On the homepage “swipe right” , to enter the camera menu.
Filter IG Blur Aesthetic
  • Next on the “Browse Effect” menu , click the “magnifying glass icon” located at the far right.
Instagram Blur Effect
  • Then in the search field “type” the keyword “Blur” or you can use the name of the effect we have recommended above.
Instagram Blur Effect
  • Next , select the blur filter you want, click the arrow icon to save the filter.
Instagram Blur Effect
  • And finished, the aesthetic blur effect or filter, of course, you can use and save on your IG account.
Instagram Blur Effect


That’s our discussion this time about the aesthetic blur instagram effect which will certainly make your photo or video capture more interesting.

And hopefully for those of you who are curious and confused in finding this one filter, the discussion above can help you.