IG Acne Filter

IG Filter Acne – This skin disease is the most common and often occurs in teenagers and adults. Symptoms range from blackheads to pus-filled pimples or large, red, tender bumps.

Acne treatment itself can use over-the-counter creams and cleansers or can use a prescription antibiotic from a doctor.

Acne is also one of the skin problems that makes many people from men to women feel insecure because of this skin problem.

However, the current acne has become one of the inspirations for the creators of Instagram filters. Unique Instagram filters are now being hunted by many Instagram users.

The acne Instagram filter went viral because netizens on Instagram used it, I don’t know what the real purpose of this spotty filter was to appear on Instagram.

Though many women or men do not want his face acne. Maybe the goal of the creator of the acne effect on Instagram is to prank the people closest to him.

Because with a face full of pimples, many people will want to know why your face has lots of pimples. But it looks like it will be fun if we use this one filter.

Acne Filter Names On Instagram

So for those of you who are curious and want to use the acne filter on Instagram and don’t know what it’s called and how to get it, don’t worry.

Because at this time Lancao will help you find this unique Instagram filter. Before knowing the steps to get a pimple effect, we will explain the name of this filter first.

The IG Acne filter on Instagram actually has the name acne . If you ask why this filter is called acne. Actually the name acne itself is taken from the English language which means acne.

So, that’s a glimpse of the name of the acne filter on Instagram, for those of you who can’t wait to find out how to get this cool filter, just take a look at the explanation below.

How to Get Instagram Acne Filter

  • The first step is to “open the Instagram application” on your cellphone.
IG Acne Filter
  • Next, “login” using your Instagram account.
Acne Instagram Effect
  • Then on the homepage, please “swipe right” to go to your IG camera menu.
Acne Instagram Effect
  • After that on the   “Browse Effects icon” , you click the   “magnifying glass menu”  which is located at the very end.
Instagram Acne Filter
  • Then, you click on the search located in the upper right corner then type the keyword “Acne”
Acne Instagram Effect
  • If you have found the effect, just download and save the acne filter by clicking the “arrow icon” in the lower right corner.
Acne Effect On Instagram
  • And done, if you want to use it, please just use the effect that has been stored in your IG account.
Acne IG Effect

Please follow the steps above so that you can use the acne ig filter, and to make it more exciting you can also share your photos to other social media such as facebook, twitter and whatsapp.


That’s the explanation in this article about acne effects or filters that will certainly make your photos look cooler and unique.

Hopefully the above review can be read carefully and can help those of you who feel confused about using this cool filter.