How to Pass the WA Verification Code

How to Pass the WA Verification Code – Currently the WhatsApp application has become the most popular chat application in the world and of course is widely used also by the people of Indonesia.

One of the reasons why Whatsapp has become popular is its speed and ease of access to the many interesting features it offers.

However, the policy that requires users to verify using a mobile number is not acceptable to all users.

And for those of you who are interested in using the WhatsApp application, but don’t want to publish your mobile number. Here we will give you several methods of passing WA verification that can be done easily.

How to bypass the WA verification code with the application

One way to bypass Whatsapp verification is by using an application. For those of you who are willing and don’t want your mobile number to be spread out, you will definitely be willing to download other applications.

This is done so that your mobile number is not scattered, and here is how to pass the verification code using the application.

1. By Using the Primo App

Using this one application is indeed a bit complicated, but it can also be used as an alternative if other applications are not successfully used.

And here’s how to use the Primo application to bypass your WhatsApp verification:

  • First, first download the “Primo Application” on your Android smartphone .
  • Open the Primo application and select  “Create Account” , then fill in your name in the column provided.
  • And to maintain the security of your account, create a “Username”  and  “Password”  for your Primo account.
  • Then click  “Sign Up”  and wait for the process for a while. Then the Primo application will send a verification code.
  • If you have successfully logged into your Primo account, then click   on the white “Three Lines Icon” .
  • Then below it will appear a cellphone number that you can use to pass WA verification.
  • Then wait for some time until you see the “Call as A Verification” command  . Then click the option.
  • And later a call will come that will give you a verification code.
  • Next, use the code to enter your WhatsApp application.

2. By Using the Fake Messenger Application

The next application that can help you pass verification on WhatsApp is Fake Messenger. With one of these applications you also need a fake message application, namely Spoof Text for Android users.

Meanwhile, IOS users can use an application called Fake-A-Message. For more details, you can follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the  “Spoof Text”  app on your android phone or the  “Fake-A-Message”  app on your iPhone.
  • Prepare your active e-mail address. Then send an SMS to the following number “+447900347295”  with the contents of the message containing the E-mail address that you have prepared beforehand.
  • If it has been successful, then you will get a message reply in the form of a verification code that goes directly to the E-mail. If the message does not appear in a long time, you can repeat the same SMS.
  • After you get the verification code, then you can enter the verification code and can use the WhatsApp application freely.

3. By Using Free Text+Call Application

The application that you can use next is Free Text + Call. Immediately, see the steps to pass whatsapp verification by using the following Free Text + Call application:

  • Install the “Free Text+Call” application   via Google PlayStore on your android smartphone.
  • Then open the application and register a new account by clicking  “Sign Up” .
  • Also enter the  “Username”  along with the  “Password”  you want in the box provided. You try to use a password that is unique and difficult to guess.
  • Next will come out notification of access requests from contacts, locations, and more. If you are sure, you can give the access the application wants.
  • Then you click the “Get Custom Number” option   to be able to custom number freely as desired.
  • Then, you will get a  “Pop Up Notification”  if the custom number that has been done is successful. If a “Pop Up” appears   like that, then click  “Not Now” .
  • Then you go to the “Settings” menu , then press the  “Three Lines Icon”  located in the  “Top Right Corner” . Followed by clicking the “Contact” option  .
  • Then there you will see the number that was previously created.
  • Use this number to register and verify your WhatsApp account until it can be used.

4. Using the TextNow App

If the Spoof Text application is a fake message application, then TextNow is an application that can be called a fake number application.

This TextNow application can help you to bypass whataspp verification just by providing a fake number. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • First, download the “TextNow” application  on your Android phone via Google PlayStore or it can be from Google.
  • And if it has been installed on your android phone, next you will get a  “Fake Number” .
  • Use the number that has been sent to verify your WhatsApp account. No need to be afraid and worried if the number entered fails, because it is just a fake number.
  • Next will appear  “Pop Up” , then next press  “Call Me” .
  • And if someone calls, pick it up because it is the operator who will later give you a verification code. Take note of the verification code that has been provided by the operator.
  • Enter the code and please wait for the verification process until WhatsApp can be used.

How to bypass the WA verification code without an application

In addition to using the application through the wa verification code, it turns out that you can also use the application without using the application. And for those of you who don’t want their cellphone number to be widely disseminated, you can really use this one method.

One way to bypass WA verification without this application, you only need to use the website and other tricks. The following is an explanation of how to pass verification in the WA application without an application.

1. How to bypass WA verification using an emergency number

Passing the verification of this one application by using an emergency phone or emergency number is very easy, but it will be quite a hassle for you later.

To know more details, below are the steps that you must do.

  • First you have to remove the  “SIM Card”  from your android smartphone before registering for whatsapp.
  • Then just ignore the option to verify via SMS while in the registration process.
  • Then a “Notification” will appear  , then press  “Call Me” .
  • The verification code will be sent immediately and you can use it immediately.

2. How to bypass WA verification using the website

It turns out that on the internet there is also a website that you can use to pass verification on the WhatsApp application. The method is quite easy, because you can do it in a short time.

Pay attention to the steps below so that you can verify your WhatsApp via the website.

  • First, go to the browser page on your cellphone then open the “” website  .
  • On the page that you open will display several number choices. Choose one of the available numbers.
  • Next, “Register Account”  using the number you have chosen. And don’t forget to also select  “SMS Mode”  to send verification when you register.
  • Then go back to the “” page  , to see the verification code that has been entered, and you just need to click “Open”  which is under the number that has been selected and then look for SMS from whatsapp.
  • And for the last step you need to do, namely verify your account with the code provided.


That’s all that can convey about How to Pass the WA Verification Code which you can choose either through the application or without going through the application.

In this way you can have several WhatsApp accounts at once without the need to use a lot of cellphone numbers. In addition, if your SIM card is lost, you don’t have to worry when you accidentally log out of WhatsApp.