Filter IG Panda

Filter IG Panda – Panda is a herbivorous animal originating from the Bamboo Curtain country, China. It is a bear-like animal that usually eats young bamboo leaves.

Its large shape does not scare some people, instead they are excited to see this one animal. With an average coat color of black and white and has a slow movement adds to the adorable impression of this animal.

Because of its popularity and the cuteness of this panda animal, many people have the idea to create an IG Panda Filter .

This is because many Instagram users feel attracted to funny filters, they feel that using funny filters will add a cool impression to their social media.

For that at this time Lancao will help you to know how to get a cute panda filter on Instagram.

An Overview of Panda Instagram Filters

The IG Panda filter or commonly called by Instagram users is the We Bare Bears filter . For those of you who don’t know what We Bare Bears actually are , here we will briefly explain about We Bare Bears .

The animated film We Bare Bears: The Movie, which was released in June 2020, marks the end of the adventures of Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear.

Grizz is often haunted by nightmares about himself and his two brothers, Panda and Ice Bear. Grizz’s worries arise when he is following the habits of human life.

Grizz wants himself, Panda, and Ice Bear to be accepted in society. One time, Grizz forced Panda and Ice Bear to accompany him to the opening of a poutine shop in the San Francisco Bay.

And that’s where their final adventure begins, We Bare Bears are 3 bears consisting of a friendly Grizzly bear, a shy Panda and an ice bear or Ice Bear who has many abilities.

And We Bare Bears itself is an animated cartoon character that airs on the Cartoon Network channel .

However, many instagram users are looking for the filter, and here is an explanation of how to get the IG Panda Filter or the IG We Bare Bears Filter .

How to Get an IG Panda Filter

The number of IG filters today, makes people compete to create cool, interesting and unique filters to attract the attention of Instagram followers .

There are so many hits filters that are now being sought by many people, one of which is the We Bare Bears filter . For those of you who are looking for and confused about how to get this filter.

Just take a look at the steps to get the We Bare Bears filter below.

  • The first step is to “open your Instagram account” .
  • Second, look for Kartika Dewi ‘s account with the username “tikadew_” .
  • After that, “follow” the account so you can update the latest filter.
  • Then click the smiley emoji icon where the “tikadew_” filter is located.
  • “Scroll” until you find the “We Bare Bears” filter
  • After you find it, you “click the filter” then save it by pressing the “arrow icon” at the bottom right
  • And done, the “We Bare Bears filter” you want is already saved on your Instagram account


So that’s our discussion this time about the IG Panda filter, hopefully for those of you who are looking for and are curious about this filter, the explanation above can help.

In addition, for those of you who still don’t understand how to get the We Bare Bears filter , you can try the steps above, so you have this cool filter.