AliExpress Shopping Producer

AliExpress Shopping Earners – The apps that we will discuss with you on this occasion are apps that can make money.

Again and again money-making applications are the topic of discussion in our article and you can use or try.

Applications that you can use are now becoming a very interesting conversation for people or the wider community.

Especially for the people of Indonesia because maybe in difficult times that hit the Indonesian state, it’s not even just Indonesia.

The whole world is experiencing a disaster due to the existing pandemic, namely the Covid-19 virus which causes people to stay at home.

Therefore, people want to find activities to fill their spare time or just to get rid of boredom.

Finally, applications that can make money become the main target that many people use to accompany them while at home.

Not only to get rid of boredom due to being at home, this application that can make money can also provide benefits for us users.

Because usually from this money-making application we can get money just by doing an easy and fast way.

In this article, we will discuss an application that can make money by placing only fictitious orders.

The application is called AliExpress Shopping which is almost similar to an application called the Zalando Money-Producing Application .

For those of you who are curious about this one application, we will provide information about the AliExpress Shopping application.

Please take a look, yes, the explanation that we will give you about this application that can make money.

About AliExpress Shopping App

The application that we will discuss and explain to you is an application that can make money called AliExpress Shopping.

Applications that can make money is an application that people usually call the money-making

AliExpress Shopping is an application that can make money the easy way and of course for free or for free.

You will be given a task or mission that you will later complete so that you can earn money in an easy way.

The task or mission that you will receive is that you are ordered to make, receive, and also take these orders.

In the application you will find as many as 99 orders that have been provided and contained in this application.

But you only make and execute the order fictitious which means just pretending to place an order.

However, you must still do or pay into this application if you want to do the task or mission.

As with other money-making apps, you can also earn extra money by inviting friends.

Although the commission you will get is not too big from inviting the friend, but if you invite a lot of friends, the commission will also be a lot.

How To Use Money From AliExpress Shopping App

As has been said above that to earn money from this application, you have to do the missions or tasks given.

Where the mission or task given is very easy to do, namely ordering, taking, and receiving fictitious orders.

Well, there is also a way that you can do to get additional income by inviting friends with an invitation code.

For those of you who still don’t know how to do or complete the tasks and missions given, we will provide the information to you.

The following are the steps you can take to carry out the missions and tasks given from this application.

  1. You have to open the site from this application, namely using the browser on your respective cellphone.
  2. If you have, you go directly to the “Basket” menu , then select “Receive Messages” . Later there will be a notification from this application that tells you to fill the balance in order to complete the mission.
  3. You can top up your balance by going to the “Profile” menu , then you can press “Fill in Balance” .
  4. Then you will be given data to fill in the balance, such as nominal balance, payment method and others. You just fill in the data.
  5. After filling the balance, you can only place an order by re-entering the “Basket” menu , then you select “Receive Balance” .
  6. The next step, you follow and do the mission or task given from this application.

Above are the steps you can take to complete the mission or task given from this application.

How To Take Money On AliExpress Shopping App

After completing the tasks or missions given from this application, you will be able to take the money that you have collected.

The way that you can take money in this application is of course very easy and fast to do.

If you don’t know how to take the money that you have collected in this application, then don’t worry.

We will tell you the steps you can take to take money in an easy way as follows.

  1. You go directly to the “Me” menu
  2. Then you select and press the “Withdraw” option , later you will be provided with data that you must fill in regarding the withdrawal, starting from the user name, nominal balance withdrawn, bank account, and type of bank.
  3. Next you enter your payment password.
  4. Finally, you confirm the payment.

How to Register the AliExpress Shopping App

After knowing all the information about how to use this application and how to take money from this application, there is the most important thing for you to do.

That is registering in this application because if you do not register, then you cannot use this application.

Here are the steps you can take to register in this money-making application.

  1. You enter this registration link .
  2. Then you will be asked to enter the data that will be used for registration. You can enter a referral code with origin if you don’t have one.
  3. Next click “Register” .

After following the steps above, then you already have an account and can immediately use this application.

Is it safe to use this AliExpress Shopping App?

If the question is safe or not about this AliExpress Shopping app, then the answer is this app is not safe to use.

Because if you look at how to register, only those who can enter a number with origin, then this application is definitely not good security.

This application is also not available or not yet available in the Google Play application and certainly has not been registered with the OJK.

So for those of you who want to use this application, you must be careful and always alert to avoid unwanted things.


Thus the information that we can convey about the AliExpress Shopping application to those of you who are still curious.